Nutritech East Cape Champs 2016
hosted by : CrossFit Algoa Register For Event

2016-11-11 to 2016-11-13
c/o Valley Road and South Union Street, Central, Port Elizabeth, 6001

Registration opens on
2016-09-09 10:00:00


The competition is open to both Affiliated CrossFit Boxes and Non-affiliates (except in the Rx’ed Box Team division). *Participants must be at least 17 years of age as of 31 December 2016.

The Individual Event:

  • The Individual event will take place in ONE action packed day on Friday, 11th of November.
  • The top 6 Men and top 6 Women athletes from “The Open” will be invited to participate in this event! The rest of the positions are open for entry on a first pay, first  register basis.
  • All Individual athletes; incl other individuals are encouraged to enter the team competition on the 12th and 13th November. These athletes can enter as Super Teams or with their Box Affiliate Team.

The Team Event

  • Teams will be comprised of 4 individuals (2 men and 2 women) for all categories.
  • Super Team (Rx Division) members can be made up of individuals from different Boxes and or Non-affiliates.
  • Box Teams (Rx Division) must consist of individuals who are training at the same Box, and is only open to Official CrossFit Affiliates.
  • The Scaled Team Division is open to both Affiliates and Non-affiliates.
  • The Super Teams and Box Teams will both participate in the Rx’ed heats.

Rx’ed Division – Box Teams and Super Teams will have the following sub-divisions:

1) Box Teams vs Box Teams

2) Super Teams vs Super Teams

3) Super Teams vs Box Teams

Entry Fees:

1) Invited Individuals – Free entry into the Individual and Team Competitions

2) Individuals – R560 (but all Athletes only pay for 1 division).

3) Individuals need to register and make payment (R560) as an individual. (Their fee will then be waived when entering the team.)

3) The Team entry fee is R2,240.00 (The team captain will need to make payment in full. If one team member is participating in the Individual competition, the team captain will pay R2,240.00 less the waived R560.00 (i.e. R1680.00)